Winter Fragraces Are Back!

Our Story

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Wylde Faun was created by founder and artist Wren Haines as an outlet for creative expression. As many creators are acutely aware, the act of creation itself is a rewarding experience, but one can soon find themselves with things they don't need or have an overabundance of. And part of the joy of creation is seeing your hard work enjoyed by someone. So Wren founded Wylde Faun to allow them to create and bring a bit of joy to others.

In 2016, Wylde Faun was simply a small shelf of 4oz candles in a family-owned cafe in Milwaukie, OR. Now, Wylde Faun is sold throughout the US and Canada and found in boutiques on the East and West coasts. We hope to keep growing so that someday we can have a brick and mortar storefront and our wonderful customers are helping us along each and every day.


Thank you!