Winter Fragraces Are Back!


  • Where is Wylde Faun located?
Wylde Fuan is located in Portland, Oregon and is operated out of a tiny apartment. Currently, we have no central warehouse or storefront, but (fingers-crossed!) that may change in the future. 
  • Where does Wylde Faun ship?

Currently, Wylde Faun ships anywhere in the US and Canada, though shipping rates may vary depending on location and the weight of the order. If you have concerns about a shipment or would like to make a special request, feel free to contact us directly (we're actually very nice!). 

  • How do I store my candles?

Candle storage is easy—if you're comfortable in the weather, so is your candle. Avoid getting a candle too hot (anything over 110℉ or 43℃) as it may cause the candle to start melting. Each Wylde Faun candle comes with a lid, which we recommend putting on the candle between uses to help keep dust at bay, which may discolor the wax or make the candle smell slightly different for the first few moments after it's been lit. 

  • Can I make a custom order?

Probably! If you have something in mind, we're happy to chat about it! We've done a number of custom orders in the past—for weddings, creator collaborations, and even subscription boxes—and we're always excited to try out new things. Contact us directly if you'd like to see what options we have available for custom orders. 

  • Are Wylde Faun candles in stores?

Wylde Faun is thrilled to be featured in a few stores. COVID-19 slowed down our collaborations with retailers, but we're working to get our candles into more shops so that you can experience our candles in person. While the stock in each store is controlled by the vendors themselves, our candles are currently available through Portland-Based meadery Wyrd Leather and Mead (which even features it's own custom scent!) and Philladelphia's ever-popular gift shop Occasionette. Check back to see what other shops our candles become available in the future!

  • Why is there oil on top of my candle?

While this tends to be a rare occurrence, it can happen for a number of reasons. Usually it is because the candle was moved from temperature extremes quickly. This is happens more in the summer than any other time. If you find a small amount of oil on the top of your candle, don't burn it until it is removed and fragrance oil is quite flammable. Simply use a paper towel or other disposable cloth and wipe the oil off the top of your candle. Voila! Your candle is ready to use!